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Rhino Play is a leading provider of playground equipment and playground safety surfacing for schools, nurseries, local authorities, holidays parks and recreational areas. We are proud to specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of the very best playground equipment to stimulate and inspire all school children.

Denbury Primary School

Denbury Primary School receives new markings The beautiful Denbury Primary School asked Rhino Play to brighten up their drab & unused areas of tarmac playground & pathways. We provided a multitude of brightly coloured items, consisting of a fitness trail, warm up stations, 1-25 caterpillar, phonics dragon, OXO, standing jump & triple hopscotches. [...]

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The benefits of creative play

Language and communication development Children can expand their vocabulary and experiment freely with words in their own space and time, without the risk of embarrassment if they use the words incorrectly. By pretend playing with others, children begin to understand that words give them the power to re-enact a story and to organise play. [...]

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The benefits of creative play in young children

Why you should let your children play – The benefits of creative play in young children I don’t know about you, but as a child I loved nothing more than playtime at school! The opportunity to go out in the playground and play on the climbing frame, play make-believe or play in the [...]

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Playground Markings Autumn Offer!

As autumn kicks in and break times start getting cooler, what better way to keep your little ones warm than with plenty of exercise! Jumping, skipping, running, bouncing and twisting all get the blood pumping and have the added benefit of nurturing skills such as balance, imagination and co-ordination. In fact, we see [...]

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Playground Markings Competition Winner!

St Josephs Primary Win Playground Markings Competition Congratulations to St Josephs Primary School in Plymouth who entered our newspaper competition to win a selection of playground markings worth £2,500! Schools across Plymouth were encouraged to enter our competition to win £2,500 worth of playground markings. Parents, friends and neighbours were all able to [...]

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Rhino Express Deluxe Play Train hits the tracks!

Rhino Play welcome the Rhino Express Deluxe Play Train to the station! All aboard! Our upgraded play train is bigger, better and is packed with heaps of play value. This new version of the Rhino Express Play Train takes the imaginative play to the next level. We all know children love role-play games; [...]

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Playground Inspectors Training

At Rhino Play safety is of paramount importance. Our Playground Inspectors are regularly assessed to ensure they are regularly updated with any changes to industry compliance standards BSEN1176/77. At the end of April 2018 our Playground Inspectors spent a day refreshing their knowledge and expertise with the latest safety standards. This means you can always [...]

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