Tips on applying for funding for playground equipment

Advice on seeking external funding and preparing a grant application

  • Be clear on the need for the project and what you want to do with the money
  • Plan the bid as much as you can, don’t leave writing the bid until the last minute
  • Research the funder, their guidelines and any permissions you need
  • Be clear and to the point

Hints and tips on making a funding application

  • Identify how the funder wants to receive applications – via letter, grant application form, in writing, electronically etc.
  • Read the funding guidelines – make sure your project covers all the necessary points of the application
  • Don’t ignore any rules you don’t like – e.g. if the bidding guidance says they will only accept one South Tyneside bid, a partnership project will be needed. If you ignore this and 2 bids go in, there’s a good chance they will both be rejected
  • If in doubt, be clear and to the point – focus on who your organisation is, why you need the money and what the project will do
  • Be specific not general – ideally quote figures of people to be supported etc.
  • If possible identify a contact at the funding organisation – so you have someone to deal with/ask questions of etc.
  • Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms
  • Ask someone to check the application – it can be helpful for a third party (a ‘fresh pair of eyes’) to read through the application before it is submitted.

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