Playground Inspections & Maintenance

Her at Rhino Play, we want to ensure your play area or equipment stay in the best possible condition year after year. So we highly recommend our Rhino Play playground inspections & maintenance packages. These combine a maintenance package with an annual playground inspection, to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Most importantly, a Rhino Play playground inspection protects both the user and the owner. Technically, you are not breaking the law by not undertaking playground inspections and maintenance. But if an accident occurs then the owner’s legal position is very weak. Therefore, insurance companies often insist on yearly inspections carried out by a qualified expert. So it makes sense to ensure that you maintain and inspect your playground regularly.

Rhino Play has a team of qualified inspectors who are fully trained and fully accredited. So they will provide you with the highest quality reports and recommendations. Importantly, these are based on a rigorous inspection, leaving no stone unturned. The Rhino Play inspections include:

  • A thorough inspection to the current European safety standard (BS EN1176);
  • A full written report with risk assessment on any non-complying items;
  • All inspections include minor works carried out onsite FREE of charge. This includes tightening of loose bolts and fastenings, rounding-off sharp or splintered edges and untangling of swing chains and seats; and
  • A full quotation for required and recommended alterations based on the inspection report.

Playground Maintenance & Inspection Costs

Post Installation Inspection – £350 ex VAT
Annual Inspection – £350 ex VAT
Rhino Play 5 Year Inspection Package – £1600 ex VAT
Rhino Play 10 Year Inspection Package – £3150 ex VAT (Please note that purchasing the 10 year package extends the standard timber guarantee from 10 years to 20 years. Terms and conditions apply).

Playground Maintenance Services

Our professional experienced team are always available to ensure your equipment has a high level of safety and quality. If you have any maintenance concerns whatsoever, or wish us to attend your site to price for remedial work and replacement items please contact us.

Your Responsibilities

“In order to reduce accidents, the owner or operator should ensure that an appropriate routine maintenance schedule is established, implemented and maintained”
BS EN 1176 part 7 clause 8.2.6

“The routine maintenance of playground equipment and surfaces should consist of preventative measures to maintain their level of safety and performance”
BS EN 1176 part 7 clause 8.2.6

Playground Parts and Spares

Rhino Play have a full range of spare parts in stock. Quotes for these parts can be obtained by contacting us. Delivery is fast; stock items ship within 48 hours. For non-stock items, we manufacture to order.  Our expert maintenance engineers can fit any part for you. Alternatively, we can also provide parts on a supply-only basis.

Please contact us if you need any more information about playground inspections & maintenance, or if you have any questions about our services.