St Josephs Primary Win Playground Markings Competition

Congratulations to St Josephs Primary School in Plymouth who entered our newspaper competition to win a selection of playground markings worth £2,500!

Schools across Plymouth were encouraged to enter our competition to win £2,500 worth of playground markings. Parents, friends and neighbours were all able to vote by collection vouchers that were printed in the paper and St Josephs were the lucky winners.

“We are delighted with the result; We really value our outside learning so this will be the cream on the cake”

Mr Gill explained that many of the floor markings in their playground have faded away, giving them a chance to “freshen up” their outside area.

Brendan Gill, Headteacher , St Josephs Primary School

Together we chose the follow to be installed:

  • Two completely different fitness activity tracks, 40m long each,
  • Two sets of bleep test stations to allow the school to provide proper training for the older children,
  • New football markings in an otherwise bare tarmac area
  • A Mr Wolf game (where we removed existing markings first)

The resulting play area now looks fresh, bright and is full of activities to entertain and educate both young and older children.