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Playground safety surfacing for outdoor areas

Playground safety surfacing is an essential part of a safe and fun play area. Here at Rhino Play we have a really wide a range of playground safety surfacing available. Our products include; wet pour, play mulch, Resin Bound StoneGrass Mesh Flexartificial grass & grass hollow matting.

We also offer a wide selection of size and colour options. This ensures that you get the perfect solution to match your requirements.

Our playground safety surfacing solutions are perfect for use in a wide variety of situations. These include schools, nurseries, playgrounds and pedestrian areas. We also work with theme parks, leisure attractions, caravan parks and golf courses. In fact, our range of safety surfacing products are perfect for use wherever you need a safe surface that absorbs impact.

Our in-house design team will recommend the best safety surface for your location. We can advise you on the best surfacing to use. So whether it’s for the playground, a sports area, a residential home, the leisure industry or another application, you will get the perfect solution for your needs.

Safety surfacing considerations

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on the right safety surfacing to use. But here at Rhino Play, we are experts in surfacing. So our friendly team will help you to decide what will suit you. For example, the thicknesses of safety surfacing required will vary depending on the current sub base. We can also advise you on any fall heights that are required to be taken into consideration.  As with all our products, safety is paramount. So our team are highly trained and able to advise on the relevant current regulations with regard to surfacing (e.g. BSEN1177).

Safety surfacing installation

Our expert team can easily install safety surfaces in a wide variety of areas. So if you have existing playground equipment, tree roots and pathways that’s no problem. Whatever your situation, we can help to achieve a perfect result.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

  • artficial grass close up Artificial Grass

    Standard Range of Artificial Grass

    Create an ideal, safe outdoor area for all year round use with our Artificial Grass surfaces. Each grass product is extremely hard wearing and can be installed to any shape and any size. Transform all those unusable or unsightly areas into great usable space - all year round!

    Safe Range of Artificial Grass

    Specifically manufactured as an impact absorbing exterior safety surface system using a range of durable, natural looking artificial grasses. The composite layering construction provides this choice of artificial grasses at a range of Critical Fall Heights from 1 metre to 2.8 metres. All Safe Range options have been tested to EN 1177:2008 as an impact absorbing playground surface. They are made up of multiple composites of artificial grass installed over a unique multi layered laminate of cross linked, closed cell polymer foam which both spreads the impact and absorbs the shock. Price: POA Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Safer Fall Grass Safety Matting is a non-slip, impact absorbing rubber safety surface.

    The surface is very easy to install around outdoor play equipment and the unique design of these rubber mats means that they become almost invisible to the eye once the grass has been allowed to grow through. Our grass safety mats are the perfect solution for any grass area that is walked on and where safety is of upmost importance. They create a soft, strong and durable play surface for children, whilst keeping grass healthy. Matting comes complete with pegs and cable ties (4 pegs and 8 ties per mat). Size per mat: 1.5m x 1m x 23mm   Please contact us for a supply only, or supply and install, quotation today on 0800 180 4470 .
  • grass support 5 GrassMesh Flex safety surfacing

    GrassMesh Flex safety surfacing offers a robust and reliable solution for protecting grass.

    These polyethylene meshes provide a way to help resist wear and reinforce grass areas used by vehicles and/or pedestrians, whilst maintaining their appearance. This offers event organisers a fantastic method to preserve grassed parking areas and improve access & mobility. It has a very good slip resistance and flexibility. It's unique construction has a far superior traction than other meshes.
    • The Flex 1000 is best suited to pedestrian, wheelchair access and occasional car use.
    • Flex 1400 & 1800 are other meshes in our range for the purposes of commercial vehicles.
    UV stabilised, tough and rot proof. The images show an area meshed to reduce mud hills created by Mole's and Vole's. The client confirmed the mesh worked and the animals have moved to a new location.  
  • resin bonded 3 Resin Bound Stone Safety Surface

    Resin Bound Stone Safety Surfaces can be used for many commercial and domestic purposes including; footpaths, driveways, patio's and much more.

    The surfaces are made up of natural stones, gravel and specialised resins, these are poured into a large drum mixer, poured out and trowelled to give a smooth finish. Resin Bound Stone can be installed directly over concrete or tarmac without the need for any additional ground preparation. Having an existing sub base already like this will help us speed up the process of installing your new surface. We are happy to carry out any required ground preparation, this can be provided as a separate price. A Resin Bound Stone safety surface is very hard wearing and little aftercare is required once it has been installed. There are no loose stones and any colour or pattern can be achieved. Colour samples can be provided.  
  • rubber mulch close Rubber Play Mulch Safety Surface

    Rubber Mulch Surfacing

    Rubber Play Mulch Safety Surface adds colour to outdoor playgrounds and recreational areas.

    The Rhino Play Rubber Play Mulch Safety Surface is made with 100% recycled industrial rubber tyres which are shredded and then coloured to produce a bark type effect. The shredded mulch is mixed with a polyurethane resin, levelled and rolled to the required thickness over a geotextile membrane. The Rubber Play Mulch Safety Surface can be used in a variety of places including:
    • Residential gardens
    • Commercial & community playgrounds
    • School playgrounds
    • Golf courses
    • Pathways
    • Care homes
    • and the designs are endless!
    It is easily installed around existing playground equipment, tree roots and pathways. The product does not need a flat surface for installation as it follows the natural gradient of the land.

    Some of the benefits of the rubber play mulch safety surface are listed below:

    • 5 Year Guarantee
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Very porous
    • Durable and resilient surface
    • Reduce likelihood of injury from falls
    • No sharp edges
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to clean
    • Very flexible
    • Range of colours
    • Various thickness to suit required fall heights
    • 100% recycled rubber
    Please call our team of specialists to help you choose the right surface for your playground on 0800 180 4470 or email   
  • Wet pour saftey surfacing Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

    Wet Pour Safety Surfacing provides a practical safe surface to absorb any trips or falls.

    Wet Pour Safety Surfacing (Rhino Pour) provides a practical safe surface for all school playgrounds, nurseries, sports and leisure facilities and outdoor recreational areas. We have over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in designing and installing any ‘wet pour’ requirements. Wet pour safety surfacing provides a practical safe surface to absorb the impact of a child falling from a height. The surface would be installed to the required thickness in accordance to the current BSEN 1176/77 standard. Many colours are available and the potential design possibilities are endless!

    Some of the benefits of why pour safety surfacing are listed below;

    • Durable and resilient surface
    • Reduce likelihood of injury from falls
    • No sharp edges
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy to clean
    • Large range of colours available
    • Various thickness to suit required fall heights
    • Endless design possibilities: hopscotch’s, letters, numbers, shapes and graphics.
      Testimonial from Joe Meakin-Scott, Stadium Operations Manager, Exeter Chiefs

    “Rhino Play covered the area in front of the players’ tunnel within the Sandy Park stadium with a black wet pour EPDM, an area that the Chiefs’ players walk across every day of the week to access the pitch for training and games. The Club considered the previous tarmac surface as inappropriate when players were warming up or down in the area, especially when wearing studs and the area was rapidly getting worn.

    Rhino Play were chosen to undertake the work because they were a local company that demonstrated their professionalism and problem solving ability at every opportunity, along with a willingness to work with us to achieve the required outcome.

    Rhino Play are a company Exeter Rugby Club would be keen to work with again and would recommend to any sports arena – the entire install went extremely smoothly and we’ve ended up with an excellent surface for the team and spectators alike, a suitable entrance on to the pitch for the Premiership winning team.”