H.M.S Devonshire

Set sail on our H.M.S Devonshire….. This beautifully themed play unit will grab the attention of any budding sailor! Great for toddlers or can be raised up to be aimed at the 5 year + adventurer. Including climbing and net ramps, clatterbridge, parallel ropes, bars, stairs, 2 towers and a slide it certainly is packed full of play value. The HMS Devonshire has nautical theming with the bubble port holes, steering ships wheel, flag pole, anchor detailing and blue roof sections, any little pirates will get lost for hours on this unique play unit.


Play unit consists of:

Two roofed tower units linked with a clatterbridge

Angled climbing Net

Angled climbing rungs


Parallel ropes

Angled climbing ramp with hand grips

Access staircase

Themed bubble portholes, flags, steering wheel, anchor details



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